About The Real France

We are an incoming tourism agency in France: As a leisure focused DMC, we offer all types of tours, shore excursions, entrance tickets and guides to trade partners such as travel agencies, tour operators and cruise lines. We work with some big names as well as smaller niche operators but the travellers do not know of our involvement as we use no branding on the ground. We keep the lowest of profiles on that front and simply focus on delivering the best service for whoever is marketing and selling the trip.

Paris is by far our most popular destination for guided tours. This is where our guided visits started, with tours in Paris and day trips from Paris to the Loire Valley, Versailles, Giverny and Normandy. Over time we started getting more requests for shore excursions, unique experiences and for organizing itineraries throughout France. Lyon, Alscace and Provence are increasingly popular and we now consider ourselves to be one of the leaders for customized tourism in France.

We can arrange everything, including accommodation, transportation and meals, or, if you prefer, we can just organize those elements which you are missing. The knowledge and especially the attitude of a tour leader or guide can make or break a trip. Our guides are amongst the very best and are with us because of excellent feedback from the groups. We can also arrange for charismatic lecturers or local personalities to help bring French topics and issues alive or for a unique visit to a local family home for a memorable cultural exchange.

We differentiate ourselves by adapting our services to your needs whilst ensuring the experience is as authentic as possible. We don't do many off-the-shelf packages for this reason and here on this website you will only see an overview of what we can offer with some examples given to help your inspiration. If you need help with any area of leisure based tourism in France, please get in touch. As a relatively small DMC we are very reactive and nimble both for quotes and operational aspects.

"A destination management company (DMC) is a professional services company possessing extensive local knowledge, expertise and resources, specializing in the design and implementation of events, activities, tours, transportation and program logistics."
By Wikipedia - Destination Management

Tourism Operator Licence Number: IM038160011. Fully registered, insured & covered by Financial Guarantee scheme.