We can help your group enjoy a wonderful Christian themed trip here in France. By customizing the tours to your needs we can ensure that whether you are Protestant, Catholic, Anglican or Orthodox we will do our best to add unique experiences adapted to your faith.

Whether your group is made up of family or whether it’s a congregation of many, we can help make the experience enriching, fun and educational for all.

Depending on if you have just a couple of days, a week or much longer, we can do all the work organizing your trip for you here in France. You just need to organize your tickets to France and afterwards we can organize either everything or any elements you would like us to, such as: Transport (vans, busses or trains), hotels or hosted accommodation with locals, entrance tickets, meals or speakers/lectures on specific topics

Any experience you can see mentioned on our website can be adapted with a Christian emphasis. Our guided tours can be done ensuring that the guide used is fully capable to help explain the religious history of a given city or sight.

For groups wishing to really get to know the French, we can organize for visits to peoples homes or for local fellow Christians to show you around (for this, we split the bigger groups into smaller parts). This is not possible everywhere and depends if we already have a network in place nearby or if a local church is able to help. In larger cities, there is often an English speaking church community also. With each request we get from you it helps us reach out and add to our community and contacts to help future groups.

For the tour elements involving joining local christians in church services: we are very happy to work on organizing this for you but will not ask for any money. All we do ask is that upon arrival you give an offering of some kind to their local church.


We’d like to help your church create real exchanges with a church in France. If you are coming to France with others in your congregation then why not let us help make this an opportunity to really get to know a local church community here. Our ideal goal is for real long term relationships to be founded so that in the future church goers from the French church can come and visit your own church in your country. This is a free service we offer to help promote Christian fellowship and give an authentic and lasting impression to your visit to France.

Sponsoring opportunities:

If you are involved in the running of a foundation or are interested in supporting charitable work carried out by any church in France, please let us know. It would be a blessing for us to help organize and put you in touch.


  1. Send a brief email to letting us know what type of experience you are thinking of, along with any dates and group size information

  2. You will quickly receive a reply along with a quote for any travel element involved. For church visits/sponsorship possibilities we will either give you direct contact details or act as an intermediary. We can finalize further details by mail or phone.

  3. Once confirmed you will receive our voucher with any practical information needed.