Day trips by train from Lyon

Many tourists prefer to take a train for their day trip from Lyon. This can be well worth considering. We can arrange tickets and our guides can accompany you on the train, otherwise a cheaper option is to arrange for you to travel alone and we will arrange a guide to meet you at your destination and ensure you are put back on the right train at the end of the day! A good choice if you are looking for some independence but may want a little help. If you are someone who wants to see the more remote areas of the countryside then we can arrange for a car/minibus/van to collect you from, and return you to, the station of your choice.

With the extremely fast TGV train network you can go a long way from Lyon in just one day, but you have to book quite far ahead for a good rate. Otherwise with the standard local trains you can still get quite a distance and booking ahead is not an issue.

Our 3 most popular day tours by TGV train from Lyon:

Day trip to Avignon by TGV train from Lyon:
  • 1 hour 30 each way
  • Think the old popes palace, real Provence, south of France feel
  • Walk on the famous Pont d’Avignon bridge over the Rhône
  • Excellent shopping & markets

Day trip to Marseille from Lyon:
  • 2 hours each way
  • You are on the Mediterranean sea ! Magical port city, steeped in history
  • Walk around the large port, soak up the ambiance & eat superb seafood (possibility of boat tour also to the Calanques for an unforgettable swim experience)

Day trip to Paris from Lyon:
  • 2 hours each way
  • For less than the average Paris hotel price, go there for a day from Lyon by train!
  • Yes, you can definitely experience the main sites of Paris in one day. We suggest a 2 or 3 hour general guided visit in the morning (by car/van , to be the most efficient with regular stops) followed by either freetime or more specific guiding to whatever interests you in the city.

Our 3 most preferred day tours by local train from Lyon:

Day trip to Vienne by train from Lyon:
  • 20 minutes each way (quicker than by road)
  • Think Roman ruins, Rhône valley views, Côte Rotie & Condrieu wine tastings & a not-so-touristy feel.
  • For more information, see our Vienne Guide

Day trip to Tain (Tournon) by train from Lyon:
  • 1 hour each way
  • Think Crozes-Hermitage and Saint Joseph wine tastings, rustic streets, walks by the Rhône river & a real feeling of being in the south of France
  • Walk around the large port, soak up the ambiance & eat superb seafood (possibility of boat tour also to the Calanques for an unforgettable swim experience)

Day trip to the Alps by train from Lyon:
  • 1 hours each way (Chambéry) or 2 hours each way (Annecy)
  • Think medieval streets, alpine views & lakes

Our chauffeur driven day tours from Lyon – The 3 most popular

  1. Day tour to Vienne from Lyon
    Only a short journey southwards from Lyon (30-40 minutes) we follow the Rhône river down to Vienne. This town was once a strategic stronghold, far more important than Lyon. The Roman remains there are impressive and a visit to Vienne after Lyon can really help gain some perspective on the Roman influence and history of the area. Vienne is also surrounded by some of the most famous Rhône valley vineyards, making it easily possible to combine with a little wine tasting!

  2. Tour from Lyon to Beaujolais Wine region
    Within 40 minutes north of Lyon you are in the heart of the Beaujolais wine region. We can stop at a beautiful little village for lunch or coffee and include a visit or 2 to local vineyards to learn more about the wine from this area and of course to enjoy a tasting. If you are interested in beer then there is also a fabulous local microbrewery that can be included in the visit. The scenery is spectacular and very tranquil after being in the city of Lyon.

  3. Day trip from Lyon to Annecy
    It is a little further, about 1 hour 45 mins to get there, but Annecy is worth the journey. At the foothills of the Alps, surrounded by beautiful mountains, the historic and picturesque lakeside of town of Annecy is such a treat. There is plenty of interesting history here and fantastic restaurants to enjoy lunch by the lake or a riverside terrace. The town has many little canals passing through it and the medieval streets will give you lots of photo opportunities. No problem to include time for a swim in the lake or a short cruise on a boat.

How to book a day out from Lyon:

  1. If you are comparing your trip options online, then remember that we are a local agency. None of the internet platforms have any real knowledge or a presence in the area, and the prices they quote are arbitrary.

  2. Contact us and give us as much information as you can about the requirements and wishes of your group. Let us know if you’d prefer a call back or a written reply and quote.

  3. Once all paid and confirmed, we remain available to answer further questions before we welcome you!