While researching for your private tour guide in Paris you have probably noticed that there is a lot of choice! Not only are there hundreds of qualified local foreign and English speaking private guides in Paris but there are also many websites offering their services. You also have some local private guides with their personal websites too. So it’s true that in Paris you are spoilt for choice regarding quantity but not always quality or availability.


  • We only work with those Paris guides who receive consistently excellent feedback from people like you

  • We are a locally registered tourism business: We are not based abroad but here in France. We can therefore react quicker and with more reliability to any changes or special requests

  • Our guides in Paris not only have the qualifications and best experience but most importantly all have the best attitude and are flexible also. No weary, over-bossy or robotic guides here!

  • Guides also need a good accent, our guides are always tested by a native speaker to ensure that you can easily understand everything

  • Depending on any special requirements or interests you have, or the nature of your group, we will select the best suited private guide in Paris for you

  • The Real France® represents authenticity and our mission is to help you learn and live the French culture. Paris is unique and there is so much to discover beneath the veneer. A guided tour in Paris is invaluable and The Real France is the best choice for you to experience the real Paris

  • Because we have a constantly reviewed pool of the best guides, then in the event of a guide being ill or otherwise not available, we can provide another quality alternative (not so easy for many other online resellers)

  • We provide the Paris local tour guides for a lot of the travel trade. If tourism professionals, such as tour operators, trust and depend on us in Paris, then rest assured that you are in safe hands

  • Remember that tour guide reviews (or even guide profiles) on many platforms can’t always be relied on to be genuine and are not always controlled well by the platforms. We have opted not to have a self-publishing review function on our website


Prices are dependent on the number of people and time of year. The rates below give an indication for english speaking guides. For other languages such as Portuguese or German speaking guides, supplements can be added due simply to supply and demand of quality guides in these languages. For large groups of more than 10 you can rent headsets for 4€ per person per day

  • Half day (3 hours or less): 180 - 250 Euros

  • Long half day (up to 5 hours): 270 - 340 Euros

  • Full day (up to 8 hours): 350 - 395 Euros

  • Extra long day (up to 12 hours): 410 - 450 Euros


  1. Send us an email to replyquick@therealfrance.com with your group size and the date that you want to book your personal Paris guide. Outline what kind of private tour in Paris it is you are wanting: General sightseeing, focus on military history, focus on art, relaxed and family friendly, or whatever mix it may be. This helps us customize the guided visit in Paris for you and ensure that you get the best guide for your needs. Please specify if it’s a half day or full day Paris guided tour you are looking for

  2. We will reply with the quoted price based on that date, the number of people and it will also take into consideration any special requests that you have asked for. We will also let you know if there is anything happening in Paris on that date which you should be aware of which might influence how the tour is organized. If you’re happy, and payment has been confirmed, then we will arrange for your personal Paris guide to meet you at your hotel or at an ideal central spot

  3. Be as specific as you like about what you would prefer. It really does help us to pick the right guide for you if you tell us a little about your group and any expectations or requirements you have. For example, do you want a nice general tourism balance between learning information and sightseeing, or maybe you have a very special interest in architecture, art, military history or literature? Alongside any special interest, maybe your partner loves chocolate or fine wine and you’d love to surprise them with special visit during the tour linked to their tastes.

  4. We remain on hand with any further questions you may have before arrival in Paris and you will receive your private guide’s cell phone number to help finalize any final plans if needed

We look forward to showing you The Real France in Paris!