Learning, sightseeing & quietness

If you have the time, we recommend that you escape the busy energy of Lyon for a day trip to Cluny and Taizé. This is a day of meditative exploration alongside some historical sightseeing.

We leave Lyon in the morning after breakfast and head north out of the city towards the Bourgogne region (Burgundy), more or less following the path of the river Saône. After about 1.5 hours we arrive in the town of Cluny.

Cluny houses what was the most significant monastery of the medieval world and its Romanesque church used to be the largest Christian building in the world. The monks that lived and worked here enjoyed a more comfortable life than most others following the rules of St Benedict. These monks wore fine silks and enjoyed wine, cheese and the arts. The abbey was therefore a prime target for the reformers, who felt that it needed reforming. The Huguenots attacked and destroyed in 1562 and then the revolution destroyed more of what was left.

Upon arrival in Cluny you will enjoy a privately guided tour of the abbey, being able to learn anecdotes, facts and ask any questions you may have. After the guided visit there is some free time to wander the streets of this pretty town and enjoy lunch on one of the many terraces. This can also be an opportunity to taste some of the local burgundy wine.

We’ll then head off before anyone thinks we need reforming and drive the short distance to the community of Taizé

Contemplation time at Taizé

Taizé is a Christian ecumenical community (welcoming all denominations). It is especially famous for its music and for welcoming youth groups from all over the world and welcomes thousands at a time. It is a place for both maximizing social contact and meeting people whilst also being an ideal place for inner reflection and escaping our material world. It is what you make of it, so we shall take you here, give you an introduction and let you discover it for yourself. Whether you like to spend the time in prayer, joining a service or walking the beautiful grounds, this is your choice.

We then head back south towards Lyon, with the aim to be back about 5pm just before the traffic gets too busy on the roads

How much for a day tour from Lyon to Cluny & Taizé?

Private Full day 8 hour tour with guide, driver and transport. Prices are per person with a minimum group size of 4.

4-6 travelers: 160 € per person

7-12 travelers: 95 € per person

13 or more: 75 € per person

For individuals or groups of just 2 or 3 people, contact us to find out what can be arranged. We can help you still do this tour using a mix of public transport & local driver or help discuss other options.


  1. Send us a short email to replyquick@therealfrance.com with the date/s that you are thinking and how many of you there are.
  2. We'll reply to you quickly and reply to any questions you may have. If you're happy we'll send final booking information with payment instructions (can be done online or over phone).
  3. You can contact us by telephone or Whats App at any time (details on the contact page). Skype or Zoom discussions are always welcome too if you prefer visual chats.